Why aren’t there any prices on the menus on your web site?

There are several factors that affect the pricing of a menu. We need to know the month (or season) and year of the party, the estimated number of guests, and whether it is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday party.

What are the prices for each of the ballroom?

The room is not based on the price; it is based on your guest count, if you come in for a tour and like one better than the other, we can certainly work with you on giving you the room that you want for your wedding.

Why is the service charge so high? I can work with the prices but not with the tax and service charges added, can we take them out?

The service charge is how the staff gets paid, that amount is going towards the wait staff as well as the kitchen staff.

What are your deposit requirements?

The initial deposit is $1000 which will secure your date, time, hall, and prices. There is a second deposit of $1000 due 6 months later. Your final payment is made one week prior to the wedding.

What if I cancel my wedding reception? Is my deposit refundable?

Unfortunately, the deposits are non-refundable. When you secure a date with your deposit you are telling us you want us to refuse all other parties for the room on that date and we do so. In return, we look for this event to take place on the date, and in the room, we have held for you.

What if I book a date with a deposit, and then need to change the date?

Provided the date you are switching to is available your deposit will transfer to the new date. However, if you are switching into a different year, there may be a price change.

Is there special pricing for children attending the wedding reception?

Once your adult minimum has been met there is special pricing for children. Generally, kids under 6 are at no charge, 7 to 12 are HALF PRICE once they over 13 they count toward your adult minimum. Special menus are available for children, or they may have the regular meals.

What about feeding my photographer, videographer, DJ/Band?

Once your adult minimum has been met, your “vendors” meals are $35. They will get the same meal as your wedding guests.

Can I make changes to the packages?

Certainly you may make changes to the packages. Your event planner will let you know how the changes affect your pricing.

How many rows of pews are there in the Chapel?

There are 10 rows of pews on each side of the center aisle. Each row will seat 10 people. If necessary, you can have people stand on the side aisle.

Can I have a rehearsal in the Chapel?

You may have a rehearsal for your wedding ceremony if you would like. We do rehearsals on Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm, and 6:30pm. You need to schedule this rehearsal with the staff in the office.

Do you have music in the Chapel?

We do have a CD player in the Chapel and can play the traditional wedding processional and recessional for your ceremony. If you would like other music you may have your DJ or another contracted service provide your music for you. If you are having your wedding ceremony in the Estate then your DJ would have to provide music.

What if I have booked the Garden for my cocktail hour and it rains?

In the event of bad weather the fee paid for the Garden is refundable.